Traceable & sustainable materials

Recycling raw materials

It's really important to me that all the materials I use are carefully considered, and I do my best to source as responsibly as possible. Sustainability and ethics in the jewellery industry are a fascinating and complex topic, I'm always happy to discuss ideas and hear your thoughts

One of the really wonderful aspects of transforming old, broken, unworn and inherited jewellery is reusing all the gold and amazing precious gemstones that have been sitting around in dusty boxes for decades, rather than mining the earth for new raw materials


When I do buy in newly mined material for my Collection pieces I take great care to source from dealers who specialise in stones that have been mined, cut and polished in a traceable, sustainable way. Some of these gems reach official Fairtrade standards while others are traceable along the supply chain to a mine of origin, or workshop where they were cut

Many of my green sapphires come from a Fairtrade mine in Malawi, and others from traceable mines in Montana, USA. My white and grey (salt & pepper) diamonds come from an Indian diamond supplier I have been working with for many years, who source all their diamonds from one traceable mine in Botswana, and cut the stones in-house. All newly mined diamonds in my work adhere to the Kimberley Process

I love using antique, old-cut diamonds in my Collection designs - these are often irregular, hand-cut and can be hundreds of years old. These amazing diamonds have such elegant, sophisticated flashes of light about them, each one is unique

Recycled gold & platinum

I use 100% recycled precious metals in my Collection pieces. Recycled metal is fully traceable and is processed by UK refiners dedicated to adopting the best sustainable practices


I am a registered UK Licensed Fairmined Brand, and can make any of my Collection designs in Fairmined metal by request at an added premium. Fairmined is a fantastic initiative that certifies gold and platinum of responsible origin - guaranteed as traceable (to the individual mine) and extracted with the best mining practices. Fairmined is aimed at preserving the local environment and supporting the development of infrastructure for artisanal and small scale mining communities around the world

Packaging & books

I take care over every detail of my packaging because I want it to be as special as the jewellery inside, not inevitable landfill. I make my own paper bags, use acid free tissue and try to keep the footprint of running my studio as low as possible. The porcelain pots are thrown by Ashdown Pottery (in the same village as me) and my books are hand-bound by one of the few remaining book binders in Sussex