Your questions on pricing

How much does a bespoke commission cost?

Prices for creating a bespoke, uniquely meaningful piece that captures the essence of your personal story start at £2,500

Prices are entirely dependant on the complexity of your design and materials used - how much of the gold & gems you are providing with your old, unworn and inherited jewellery, and how much raw material I am supplying. I recommend browsing the Collections in my online shop to familiarise yourself with typical prices and my design aesthetic

What do you charge for your design time?

I charge a one-off design fee of £250 to create bespoke designs, sketches, models, source stones and calculate bespoke quotations, this includes up to 2 design revisions. Your quote is based on your unique design and includes a full assessment of the heirloom jewellery we will be transforming. There is no obligation to go ahead if you are not happy with your design & the £250 is redeemable against the final balance should you wish to go ahead

How long does a bespoke commission take?

Approximately 12 weeks from start to finish. This is dependant on design time, arranging meetings to look at your heirloom jewels, the complexity of your bespoke design, sourcing additional stones (if necessary) and my work load at the time. Everything is made by hand, by me - and I am typically booked up several months in advance. Please allow as much time as possible to create bespoke pieces if you have a specific date in mind

What do you charge to make a Collection design from my own raw materials / jewellery?

You can have any existing design from the Jewellery Shop made with raw materials from your old, unworn jewellery

There is an admin fee of £75 to take your pieces apart, melt down gold, clean stones and make sure the Collection design is suitable for your specific stones and materials

Generally speaking, you will save approximately 20% on the stock price of a Collection design by providing your own raw materials. The exact saving is calculated on a case-by-case basis and depends on which design you have chosen and what raw materials you have in your collection

A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order, with the balance due on completion

What are the costs for customising an existing Collection design

You can have any existing design from the Jewellery Shop made in a different precious material of your choosing. For example, you might like the Wild Lichen drop earrings with emeralds instead of sapphires, or to have the Dew Drop studs made in platinum instead of 18ct yellow gold

There is an admin fee of £50 to customise an existing design from the Collection, with final costs depending on the design in question, the complexity of customisation, and any difference in the raw material costs

You should allow up to 8 weeks for an existing Collection design to be customised. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your customised jewel, with the balance due on completion

Deposits & spreading payments

A 50% deposit is payable to confirm your design and start making. Once the deposit is received I take your jewellery apart, carefully cleaning stones, melting down gold, and planning in the studio time to create your jewellery

Please note deposits for bespoke commissions and customised pieces are non-refundable

The final balance is payable on completion, with the £250 design fee and any remaining gold scrap value deducted from the final balance. I am happy to discuss spreading costs across 2 or 3 instalments - please ask

What happens to any remaining scrap gold?

Sometimes we have more precious metal than we need to make your bespoke or customised piece. In this instance, any remaining gold or platinum will be returned to you OR sold as scrap to a Hatton Garden refiner, and the value deducted from your final balance - whichever you prefer. Metal prices fluctuate daily - all scrap values are calculated on the exact day metal is sold


What do you charge for a hand-bound book capturing the story of my commission?

Original drawings, pictures of your jewellery being made, family stories and old photographs can be bound into a beautiful linen book for future generations to enjoy. Hand crafted by one of the few remaining book binders in Sussex - they are £600 each or complimentary with commissions over £6,000