My Godmother's gift

As we unpacked box after box of jewellery, I was spellbound as the story of Susi's Godmother unfolded. She had been a maid, nanny and companion to a family, and was bequeathed their jewellery as a thank you for a lifetime of love and service. Eventually, the collection made its way to Susi, who cherished it deeply but was overwhelmed at what to do with so many beautiful but unwearable pieces

Susi wanted some special occasion pieces to wear dancing, that would showcase the best gems from her collection. Eventually we settled on a dramatic design for purple, lilac & rhubarb amethyst, diamond & gold earrings and a matching cocktail ring

We captured the making of Susi's commissions & her Godmothers story in a hand bound book for future generations to enjoy

In a beautiful twist of events, Scott proposed during this time, and we embarked on making a second set of jewels from the original collection. We created stacking 'Forget-me-not' rings using the spectacular blue sapphires taken from a brooch, and a unique eternity band from all the small, mismatched antique white diamonds

"...we showed the jewellery to our families today, and like other people who've seen the collection, they were blown away. I'm particularly enjoying my new engagement ring and love wearing it!...If you're looking for something precious in every way, then Bea is your answer."